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VAPT companies in India

VAPT Companies in India is what all Enterprises are looking for as the surge in cyber crime is evident.

VAPT companies in India have seen a huge rise in demand as the attack on critical infrastructure of enterprises has increased.  More than 3000+ companies have seen direct impact on the business revue generation due to lack of cyber security measures and negligence in conducting a periodic VAPT audit.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).

VAPT is a term often used to describe security testing that is designed to identify and help address cyber security vulnerabilities. This includes automated vulnerability

assessments to human-led penetration testing and full-scale red team simulated cyber-attacks.Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) offer wide-ranging services to perform security audit and provide recommendation for security disruption, monitor security for risk analysis, forensics and penetration testing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a comprehensive scanning through various security validations to locate the vulnerable flaws in the pre-existing code. Vulnerability Assessment is limited to locate the vulnerability but it doesn’t reveal the impact or destruction level that can be caused due to the identified flaws. This assessment helps to find out and quantify the risk level of the critical asset and the security posture of the enterprise.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the method to exploit the analyzed vulnerabilities using appropriate tools as well as manually by security engineers. Penetration Testing shows the number of flaws found in Vulnerability assessment. Which particular flaw can cause a higher degree of risk and lead to malicious attack.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA

/ PT)

So VAPT is a combination of both VA & PT, which locates the flaws in the system, network or web based application and measures the vulnerability of each flaw. Classifies the nature of possible attack and raises the alarm before these flaws lead to any exploitation.

Selecting a VAPT service provider in India is quite a challenging task when it comes to evaluating the deliverables and understanding the methodology used.

Manual based Penetration Testing with automated vulnerability assessment approach of ICSS has reduces false positive reports and had made ICSS the leading VAPT Testing Company in India. Latest penetration testing methodologies used by ICSS had helped 400+ companies securing there IT infrastructure. VAPT audit report gives a 360 view to the management about the risk state of the critical assets on a quantifiable scale of 1 to 5 where 1 being the lowest risk assets. This ends the search for a best cyber security company in India for the companies who want actionable data in the VAPT audit report.

Why ICSS is rated among the top VAPT Companies in India

ICSS had helped 400+ companies securing their networks, web based applications, cloud based applications, IOT Devices from unauthorized accesses and prevented information loss.

ICSS is the trusted partner of many enterprises in protecting data integrity & availability.

ICSS takes the pride in preventing monetary and reputational loss by securing there critical infrastructure from bad actors.

ICSS nhas helped to achieve compliance certifications.

ICSS among the highest rated

VAPT Service Provider in India

VAPT service providers in India do provide a wide range of services but fails to understand the actual needs of enterprises. The clarity in pricing structure of the service offered as compared to the value added in the deliverables from the VAPT service provider makes the actual difference in building the trust and having a professional relationship.

Why Enterprises should undergo the VAPT ?

With fast moving technology adoption, rapid development of mobile applications, IoT, etc. - Networks today are more vulnerable than ever. VAPT audit helps you to validate your security against real-world threats, identify security risks in your environment and understand the real-world impact of these issues. Every organization invests in security, but is your data safe? Protecting your assets before the attack even happens. Performing VAPT audit and safeguarding your assets should be the goal of every organization. ICSS provides topnotch security testing of your IT infrastructure and thus mentioned often as the top VAPT service provider in India in leading news and IT magazines.


AUDITICSS among the leading VAPT service providers in India takes the pricing structure very seriously. The cost of VAPT security audit typically depend on the effort-estimate prepared to carry out the VAPT audit. The effort-estimate varies depending on the size of your IT Infrastructure and the scope of your applications, number of locations, etc. Our free demo, helps you to get a picture of requirement and determine the approximate cost for the VAPT audit.

What should you expect from ICSS ?

A detailed report will be provided outlining the scope of the Infrastructure /application, the methodology used and a detailed explanation of the vulnerabilities found along with their POC (Proof-of-concept). Also recommendations for improvement will also be provided.A formal report for all our review services will be provided after the VAPT audit. This report will include all of the findings in detail from our test as well as any recommendations regarding remediation.

After completion of the entire process and remediation action taken from the enterprise end we provide a certificate on behalf of ICSS (Green Fellow IT Security Solutions Pvt Ltd).

VAPT Testing Company In India

VAPT Testing Company is the latest trend in the cyber security sector. The need of every digitally enhanced firm is to ensure that the security system they are relying is smooth operation. Ensure that it is potent enough to ward off online threats. To get a detail report about the security framework of anything digital the most credible and productive method is VAPT. This method gives by ICSS the best Cyber Security Company clientele a close up look on the capability & condition of their online entity’s overall security parameters.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the best VAPT Testing Company. We not only use VAPT but implement it organically into the client’s system to make sure that the process is thorough, effective and presents the client with an opportunity to revamp its cyber security details for the betterment of the company. The online domain is infected with malwares and virus everywhere and because of the machine learning these are evolving at an alarming rate. Every corner of a digital entity must be shielded with advanced & impregnable fortification. Hence, when you opt for the service of ICSS, the leading VAPT Testing Company, you make a significant effort in making your digital entity vulnerability free.